Automated system for detecting intruders at free-standing facilities
Today, the lack of clearly defined boundaries and physical fencing of water areas becomes the main reason of theft and illegal entry.

The basic purpose of the FishGUARD is to detect intruders long before they enter the facility.

The automated system is able to control an area of more than 15 km, simult aneously recognizing multiple targets under any conditions.

Эффективность FishGUARD
The system in fully compatible with thermal and video cameras, notification systems.
Дальность обнаружения FishGUARD
Detection range
up to 3500 m — hovercraft
up to 2200 m — boat/snow mobile
up to 500 m — swimmer
Точность FishGUARD
Embedded intelligence
The system management is automatic and eliminates human errors
Экономичность FishGUARD
The cost of the system doesn't exceed 5%
of one fish cage
Всепогодность FishGUARD
All-weather capability
The physical properties of radio waves provide 24/7 monitoring despite all
the weather conditions
Экологичность FishGUARD
The radar is absolutely safe for people and the enviromental because of low radiaton
(up to 1 W) that equals two smartphones
FishGUARD detects moving targets and provides additional information about intruders (speed, movement direction, etc.)

The system works in real-time mode and determines the exact location of intruders before they approach the fish cages. Having detected an intruder. FishGUARD accurately guides the video camera and thermal imager for visual confirmation of the target.
Базовый состав охранной системы FishGUARD на базе радиолокационной защиты
The territory can be divided into any shape
with customized alarm levels.

Each zone is assigned to a characteristic
reaction of the system to detected targets.

The number of customizable zone is unlimited.
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«When one cage contains fish that worth more than 600.000 USD, there is no point in saving on the security system. By using the FishGUARD system, we have practically eliiminated the problem of poachers»
Отзыв Евгения Проворова, исполнительного директора ООО «Карельская Форель»
Evgeny Provorov
Executive Director of Karelskaya Forel LCC
The equipment is certified and patented
Remote support
1 year warranty
Setup and training
SanPiN certificate
Технические характеристики охранной радиолокационной системы FishGUARD
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51 d Kirova Avenue, Tomsk, Russia, 634041

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